pakari DEFINITION (Maori language):

(stative) be mature, ripe, strong, hard, strapping, muscular, well-built, sturdy.

About Pakari

Pakari is the new and innovative choice for wood applications. Our product begins its life as clear moulding grade Radiata Pine, all sourced exclusively from sustainable tree plantations. Then, with the help of a cutting edge technology known as Thermal Modification, our raw lumber is brought to extremely high temperatures in order to improve the wood on a molecular level. The end result is a product that is more durable, straighter and lighter than unmodified wood. Aesthetically the wood is darkened in color, which brings a revered tropical appearance not unlike exotic hardwoods. All of these benefits are achieved without the use of any chemicals, only heat, steam and water.

Pakari Features

The Process

Developed in Finland, and successfully used commercially in Europe since the 1990’s, Thermal Modification is a chemical free method of heat treating wood with nothing more than steam and high temperatures in order to increase the woods water repellency, insect and rot resistance and dimensional stability.


  1. Our process begins with the harvesting of moulding grade raw lumber, all of which is sourced exclusively from sustainable, plantation grown Radiata Pine. After our lumber has been harvested and thoroughly graded for any defects it is moved to a specially designed kiln where it will begin the three phase process of Thermal Modification.
  2. Once inside the kiln, temperatures steadily increase to around 500°F, effectively dropping the woods moisture content to nearly zero. It is at these high temperatures that the chemical and structural changes occur in the wood that make it more dimensionally stable, as well as insect and rot resistant.
  3. Once modified, steam is introduced into the kiln in order to recondition the wood by returning its moisture content to between 6-7%. The entire process takes approximately 65 hours and doesn’t allow for any shortcuts.
  4. Next, the Thermally Modified wood is transported from the kilns to our solar powered milling facility in Chico California, where it will be manufactured into a number of different products for interior or exterior use.


The Thermal Modification process improves wood on a molecular level, which allows sustainable species that typically do not perform well in outdoor or wet environments to be used in a wide variety of interior or exterior applications. For this reason Pakari may just be the “greenest” lumber resource on the market.

  • Increased Dimensional Stability

    Once the wood has been thermally modified its properties are more stable than conventionally kiln dried wood, making Pakari less susceptible to cupping and warping.

  • Chemical Free

    Throughout the entire thermal modification process Pakari remains strictly chemical free, unlike composites and treated wood.

  • Water Repellent

    The woods ability to absorb water has been significantly and permanently reduced, resulting in a product that does not shrink or swell to the same degree as unmodified wood.

  • Improved Aesthetics

    The thermal modification process gives wood a rich chocolate brown color, allowing expensive tropical hardwoods to be replaced by more environmentally conscious species without sacrificing on appearance.

  • Decay Resistant

    Pakari thermally modified wood no longer contains sufficient nutrients to support insect infestation or fungal attack. Pakari will starve your bugs.

Pakari Case Study

The Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI), Friends of Sax-Zim Bog, and Pakari partnered to construct a wooden boardwalk at the Sax-Zim Bog near Toivola, MN. The wood for the boardwalk needed to be moisture and decay resistant, so a thermally modified wood product was a perfect choice. See more about the project in this video.

Pakari Products

Despite all the added benefits that Thermal Modification brings to our products, there is still one more thing that we can offer to you and that’s quality. We have been in the wood industry for over 65 years, which means we don’t just manufacture products that sell, we manufacture products that last.


Pakari is ideal for your decking projects. It is strong, durable, and looks great.

» Pakari Decking Installation Instructions (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PD-1000)  (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PD-1001)  (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PD-1002)  (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PD-1003)  (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PD-1004)  (pdf)


Pakari exterior siding is a beautiful alternative to traditional wood siding.

»Pakari Siding Installation Instructions (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PS-2000) (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PS-2001) (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PS-2003) (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PS-2004) (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PS-2005) (pdf)

» Profile Dimensions (PS-2006) (pdf)

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